Feature films

Beauty and the Beast


Obese, red lips, both black eyebrows and eyelashes
(in her wardrobe form): White wardrobe-style body with lime doors and gold handles on her front, green oval "brooch" horizontally on her doors with 5 bumps on it, a couple horizontal drawers with gold handles on her bottom, gold brim beneath her drawer, both gold lining horizontally on her forehead and tip on her head, 5 drawers with handles vertically on her right and brown hanger pole in its purple innards (inside of her)
(in her flesh-and-blood form): Fair skin, curly auburn wig-like hair, blue eyes, lime pinafore dress with a white apron and green border on the bottom of her floor-length skirt, emerald brooch with a gold border that holds a couple lime ribbons between her green collar, lacy white cuffs, lime shoes


Becomes human again.


"Oh, how embarrassing!"

Wardrobe is character who appears in many apperances of Beauty and the Beast.


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