Total Drama/The Three Stooges is a slapstick film parody series with Total Drama clips and The Three Stooges sounds made by Mapower211.


Film Version (Clips and Trailers only)

  • Duncan as Moe Howard
  • Owen as Curly Howard
  • Cody as Larry Fine
  • Mike as Young Moe Howard
  • Sam as Young Curly Howard
  • Cameron as Young Larry Fine
  • DJ as Teddy
  • Duncan's Parents as Mr. and Mrs. Harter
  • Panda bear and Seal as Police Officers
  • Bear as Lion
  • Brick as Mac
  • DJ's Mother as Nursery Nurse
  • Dakota as Mother Superior
  • Courtney as Lydia
  • Zoey as Sister Bernice
  • Leshawna as Sister Rosemary
  • Chef Hatchet as Sister Mary Mengele
  • Chris McLean as Moe's Hip Executive
  • will you please add more characters please?

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