Version 1 (by PB&Jotterisnumber1)

  • Rodney as P.C. Popple
  • Ella as Party Popple
  • Carrie as Pancake Popple
  • Harold as Puzzle Popple
  • Anne Maria as Prize Popple
  • Dakota as Puffball Popple
  • Spud as Putter Popple
  • Sugar as Potato Chip Popple
  • Dawn as Pretty Bit Popple
  • Rock as Punkster Popple
  • MacArthur as Punkity Popple
  • Two Babies from the TDPI episode Three Zones and a Baby as Bibsy and Cribsy
  • Duncan as Big Kick Popple
  • Cameron as Cuester Popple
  • DJ as Dunker Popple
  • Tyler as Net Set Popple
  • Scott as Pitcher Popple
  • Lightning as T.D. Popple
  • Sierra as Bonnie
  • Cody as Billy
  • Zoey as Penny
  • Mike as Mike

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