The Amazing 3
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Osamu Tezuka Motion Pictures
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Osamu Tezuka Pictures
Mushi Productions

The Amazing 3 is a 50 minute special movie, based on the Osamu Tezuka manga. It is Osamu Tezuka Picture's first animated special film. It involves the adventures of three agents from outer space who are sent to Earth to determine whether the planet, a potential threat to the universe, should be destroyed. The agents (Captain Bonnie, Ronnie, and Zero) are originally humanoid in appearance, but upon arrival on Earth they take on the appearances of a rabbit (Bonnie), a horse (Ronnie), and a duck (Zero) that they had captured as examples of Earth life forms.



In the last twenty-two minutes of the first special, which serves as a year later, the decision is made by the galactic council that mankind is irredeemable and that the Earth is to be destroyed. Although Zero is in favor of this as much as ever, Bonnie puts off the order as long as possible, and eventually decides to disobey the council's decision. However, prior to Bonnie's decision to disobey her orders, Kenney is appalled at the likelihood that his friends would obey the order and runs to Randy to ask Phoenix to intervene.

Although dozens of Phoenix agents fight the Amazing 3 in their saucer, they are unable to destroy it, and Kenney appeals to Bonnie, Ronnie, and Zero to take him back to their home planet to plead Earth's case. During the trip Bonnie, Ronnie, and Zero revert to their humanoid forms for the first time, much to the surprise of Kenney, who had never seen their true appearances before (perhaps not clearly, anyway - he had also seen them through the window of their saucer in the first twenty-six minutes, though, a year ago, it's suggested that he could only see their silhouettes).

Kenney is particularly surprised by Bonnie's beauty in her actual form. A3 are presented to the galactic council on charges of disobeying orders. Kenney is given a chance to plead Earth's case and the council offers him the opportunity to stay on their planet with all the rights and privileges of other citizens. Kenney becomes angry and attacks a guard, thus proving mankind's inherently violent nature to many there.

The order is given to wipe out Kenney's memories, but before this can be done Bonnie pleads for him to be released, and for the Earth to be given more time to develop. The council eventually decides to return A3 to the Earth and re-examine the matter when Kenney reaches adulthood.

Upon their return to Earth Zero is ashamed of his attitude toward humans before that point, Kenney is reunited with Randy, and Bonnie is transformed by Ronnie and Zero into an Earth girl so she'll have a chance to be with Kenney as the human girl she really wants to be - for a short time, anyway. The closing shot of the film is of the now-human Bonnie walking towards Kenney's home to find him.


Bonnie: Bonnie is the cute one, and the brains of the group. She is capable of great powers of hypnosis, has extremely sensitive hearing, and can also control the inner workings of machines by pressing her ears against them. She likes humans and sees no need to destroy the planet because of the actions of a few bad eggs. Despite the fact that in her humanoid form she is somewhat older than Kenney (their human friend who is probably in his early teens, while she is probably in her 20s), and the fact that she's a rabbit in her animal form, her feelings for Kenney are considerably more than platonic. Her deepest desire is to be an Earth girl so she can be with Kenney.

Ronnie: Ronnie is capable of creating inventions incredibly quickly, and is extremely fast and strong. Ronnie would also prefer to see the Earth not destroyed - largely because he likes the food.

Zero: Zero is a curmudgeon with an occasional heart of gold, can generate shockwaves with his wings, and is also quite a capable guitarist. He is also quite a bit stronger than his duck appearance would suggest. However, he is the member of the Amazing 3 who is most in favor of destroying the Earth, and this increasingly brings him into conflict with Bonnie, also criticizing her for her feelings regarding Kenney (it's implied on occasion that he harbors his own feelings for Bonnie). Zero has what appears to be either a haircut or wig that resembles that worn by The Beatles or Moe Howard from The Three Stooges; probably added by Tezuka due to The Beatles' enormous popularity in Japan at the time.

Bonnie, Ronnie, and Zero are all conversant in Japanese - and apparently English - and can also talk to other animals. They also possess a gun called the time reversal gun. It can be used to reverse the flow of time in a small area.

An Earth boy named Kenney Carter becomes their ally throughout the special. He is the only person who knows what they really are, or that they can talk.

Randy Carter, Kenney's older brother, is a secret agent for an organization called Phoenix, whose cover is a manga artist. His primary adversary is Interspy, though he also fights against others as well. He sometimes uses guns, but primarily relies on martial arts, and his watch, which contains a small hammer and chain, a radar, and a flashlight, which also can also be used as a beam to blind his opponents. His pipe also contains a smoke gas which can conceal his whereabouts.

Two other characters who show up regularly in both the manga and anime are Kenney and Randy's mother and father, who operate a small hotel. Their mother is a heavyset woman, and their father is something of a milquetoast who is domineered by their mother.


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