Disney and Sega's movie spoof and animal style of 1997 Don Bluth film "Anastasia".
Pearlstasia Poster
Pearlstasia (Remake) Trailer02:46

Pearlstasia (Remake) Trailer

Disney and Sega


  • Young Anastasia - Angelina Mouseling (Angelina Ballerina)
  • Adult Anastasia/Anya - Pearl Pureheart (Mighty Mouse)
  • Dimitri - Mighty Mouse (Mighty Mouse)
  • Young Dimitri - Sniffles the Mouse (Looney Tunes)
  • Vladimir - Berk (The Trap Door)
  • Pooka - Drutt (The Trap Door)
  • Rasputin - Baron Greenback (Danger Mouse)
  • Batrok - Orinoco (The Wombles)
  • Sophie - Princess Sylvia (Muzzy in Gondoland)
  • Dowager Empress Marie - Gadget Hackwrench (Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers)
  • Czar Nicholas (Anastasia's Father) - Mr. Maurice Mouseling (Angelina Ballerina)
  • Alexandra Feodorovna (Anastasia's Mother) - Mrs. Matilda Mouseling (Angelina Ballerina)
  • Phlegmenkoff - Mrs. Toad (Thumbelina)
  • Anastasia's Siblings - Fawn Toonage (Raw Toonage), Kitty Kiddles (Noovertoons), Spunky (Chip 'n' Dake Rescue Rangers) and Rebecca Cunningham (TaleSpin)
  • Revolutionary Soldier Leader - The Panther King (Conker's Bad Fur Day)
  • Revolutionary Soldiers - The Flying Monkeys (The Wizard of Oz), Fat Cat's Gang (Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers), Penguin's March (Farce of the Penguins)
  • Parisian Civilians - ???
  • Newspaper Caper - Pingu's Dad (Pingu)
  • Palace Servant - Hunter (Storks)
  • Ticket Agent - Rep (My Little Pony: Escape from Katrina)
  • Old Woman - Samantha the Cat (Meet the Feebles)
  • Traveling Man - Skipper (Penguins of Madagascar)
  • Elderly Servant - Paddington Bear
  • Actress - Daisy the Diesel Railcar (Thomas and Friends)
  • Anastasia Imposter - Jeopardy Mouse (Danger Mouse)
  • Bartok's Girlfriend - Nellie the Elephant

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