Here's the cast of the Lydia Deetz's Kingdom Hearts.

  • Sora - Lydia Deetz (Beetlejuice The Animated Series)
  • Riku - Bertha (Beetlejuice The Animated Series)
  • Kairi - Prudence (Beetlejuice The Animated Series)
  • Mickey Mouse - Lady (Thomas & Friends)
  • Minnie Mouse - Rosie (Thomas & Friends)
  • Daisy Duck - Emily (from Thomas & Friends)
  • Donald Duck - Thomas (Thomas & Friends)
  • Goofy - Daisy (Thomas & Friends)
  • Pluto - Bertie (Thomas & Friends)
  • Jiminy Cricket - Kelly (Thomas & Friends)



Scene 1

  • Slinky Dog: Oh, my tail and spring! I'm late, I'm late, I'm late! Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! I'm here, I should be there! I'm late, I'm late, I'm late! The queen, she'll have my head for sure!

Scene 2

  • Lydia Deetz: How did he get so small?
  • Daffy Duck: No, you're simply too big.
  • Thomas: It talks!
  • Daffy Duck: [yawns] Must you be so loud? You woke me up.
  • Daisy: Good morning.
  • Daffy Duck: Good night! I need a bit more sleep.
  • Lydia Deetz: Wait, what do we have to do to grow small?
  • Daffy Duck: Why don't you try the bottle over there?

Scene 3

  • Slinky Dog: Court is now in session!
  • Twilight Sparkle: I'm on trial? But why?
  • Slinky Dog: Her Majesty, Morgana, presiding!
  • Morgana: This unicorn is the culprit. There's no doubt about it. And the reason is because I say so, that's why!
  • Twilight Sparkle: That is so unfair!
  • Morgana: Well, have you anything to say in your defense?
  • Twilight Sparkle: Of course! I've done absolutely nothing wrong! You may be queen, but I'm afraid that doesn't give you the right to be mean!
  • Morgana: Silence! You dare to defy me?
  • Lydia Deetz: Hey, guys, we should help her out.
  • Thomas: Yeah, but the--
  • Daisy: We're outsiders, so wouldn't that be muddling?
  • Thomas: "Meddling"!
  • Daisy: Oh, yeah. And that's against the rules.
  • Morgana: The court finds the defendant... guilty as charged! For the crimes of assault and attempted theft of my heart... Off with her head!
  • Twilight Sparkle: No! No! Oh, please!
  • Lydia Deetz: Hold it right there!
  • Morgana: Who are you? How dare you interfere with my court?
  • Lydia Deetz: Excuse me. But we know who the real culprit is!
  • Daisy: Uh-huh. It's the Heartle--
  • Lydia Deetz: Anyway, she's not the one you're looking for.
  • Morgana: That's nonsense. Have you any proof?

Scene 4

  • Thomas: Who are you?
  • The Brain: Who, indeed? Poor Twilight Sparkle. Soon to lose her head, and she's not the guilty of a thing!
  • Lydia Deetz: Hey, if you know who the culprit is, tell us!
  • The Brain: The Brain has all the answers--but doesn't always tell. The answer, the culprit, the mouse all lie in darkness.
  • Lydia Deetz: Wait!
  • The Brain: They've already left the forest. I won't tell which exit. There are four pieces of evidence in all. Three are a cinch to find. The fourth is tricky. Big reward if you find them all.
  • Thomas: Should we trust him?
  • The Brain: To trust, or not to trust? I trust you'll decide.

Scene 5

  • Morgana: Now, show me what you have found. Well, that's certainly a lot of evidence, but I'm still not impressed. Guards! Bring fourth my evidence! Hmm, checking all five would only be a waste of time. All right, then. Choose the one you wish to present. I'll decide who's guilty based on that evidence.
  • Lydia Deetz: What? After all the trouble of collecting it?
  • Morgana: You dare object? Then you will lose your head! Now, choose! One box! What in the world was that?
  • Lydia Deetz: There's your evidence. Twilight Sparkle is innocent.
  • Morgana: Rrrrrrrgh... Silence! I'm the law here! Article 29: Anyone who defies the queen is guilty!
  • Thomas: That's crazy!
  • Morgana: Seize them at once!

Scene 6

  • Thomas: She must've gotten kidnapped while we were fighting.
  • Morgana: You fools! Find the one who's behind this! I don't care how!

Scene 7

  • Daffy Duck: [yawns] What a racket. How's a duck to get any sleep? [yawns]
  • Lydia Deetz: Oh!

[The Kingdom Magic Ring locks the keyhole]

  • Thomas: What was that?
  • Lydia Deetz: You hear that? Sounded like something closed.
  • Daisy: This gummi ain't like the others. No, sir.
  • Thomas: Okay, I'll hold one to it.
  • The Brain: Splendid. You're quite the heroine. If you're looking for Twilight Sparkle, she's not here. She's gone! Off with the shadows, into darkness.
  • Lydia Deetz: No...
  • Thomas: Let's go back to our gummi ship. We might find her in another world.
  • Daisy: We gotta go to a save point to return to our ship.

100 Acre Wood

Scene 1

  • Ten Cents: Think, think. Think, think.
  • Lydia Deetz: Hi there. What's wrong?
  • Ten Cents: Nothing. Just thinking.
  • Lydia Deetz: Oh.
  • Ten Cents: I was thinking of how to say goodbye to Ten Cents.
  • Lydia Deetz: Ten Cernts?
  • Ten Cents: Yes?
  • Lydia Deetz: Wait a second. You're Ten Cents?
  • Ten Cents: Yes, I'm Winnie the Ten Cents. Ten Cents for short. Who are you?
  • Lydia Deetz: I'm Lydia Deetz.
  • Ten Cents: Oh. Hello, Lydia Deetz. Have you come to say goodbye to Ten Cents, too?
  • Lydia Deetz: Well, no. Why would I do that? We've only just met.
  • Ten Cents: Because everyone's gone away.
  • Lydia Deetz: What do you mean?
  • Ten Cents: Well, we all lived here in the Big City Port. And we'd go chugging together, or play Ten Cents sticks... And every day, I'd eat some honey. Just one small smackeral would taste very good right now. But now everyone's gone. All my friends, and my favorite Hunny Tree too. Everyone must've gone away while I was napping, I think... So, who knows? Maybe I shall end up going away somewhere as well. But I wonder, how do I say goodbye to myself? Think, think, think? Oh, my tumbly is getting rather rumbly.

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