Littlest Pet Shop: The Movie

Directed by

Philip McGhee

Produced by

Jakyia McGhee

Screenplay by

Jackyia McGhee


Philip McGhee
Jakyia McGhee

Music by

Philip McGhee




Tezuka Osamu Productions

Distributed by


Release date(s)




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Littlest Pet Shop: The Movie is a 16th Tezuka film, based on the Hasbro Toys and the TV Series of Littlest Pet Shop.


Mrs. Anna Twombly, normally in charge of the littlest pet shop, is on holiday and has left Roger Baxter in charge. Meanwhile, Zoe Trent and Russel encounter an evil dog, Scound, stating that he has unfinished business in this place. He is planning to get rid of pets once and for all. Roger Baxter has problems of his own. The job reception is running low, and without it there will be no way for anyone to get a job, as well. There is a lost pet that is able to travel between Littlest Pet Shop and the town using the passageway, but nobody knows where she is.

Grandpa Baxter, an elderly man, lives on house on the hill, in which it is near the town. Unknown to everyone, he is the guardian of the lost pet, whose name is Gail Trent. The was hit in the head after an earlier encounter with Scound, and ever since then Grandpa Baxter has been trying to head Gail. Even though he seems to have gotten her heal, so far he has been unable to wake her. Minka and Zoe find out that there is a secret passageway and there are magic floor that lead to it. However, Scound overhears them. Vinnie the Gecko follows Scound and hears him telling his biskit twins, Whittany and Brittany, of his plans to destroy the pet. Scound thinks that this horrid act seems possible mainly because Rober Baxter's receptions contains postive inside which he uses to travel is now negative, and he is therefore becoming too weak to stop Scound. Wanting to warn his friends of Scound's plans, Vinnie yells to distract them, only to make Scound to destroy the sheltering they were resting in, trapping them. Grandpa Baxter's granddaughter, Blythe Baxter, visits him, and meets Digby, Zoe's Bpyfriend and Roger Baxters good-natured but lazy pet, who takes her to Littlest Pet Shop and introduces her to the talking pets who live there, including Zoe Trent. Later, Zoe Trent is assigned to transport Blythe back to her grandpa on the house on the house after inadvertently discovering the entrance of the long-abandoned dumbwaiter by an old way. She takes his lost bucket of special dog food and arrives on the other end of the the riding down, located at the edge of a in the tree and outside near the top of the Mountain. Blythe goes to her grandfather's house, leaving Zoe Trent stranded inside the stranded dumbwaiter in the tree on the mountain. However, the dumbwaiter gives way and Zoe pushes the bucket of dog food, contuning down to the bottom of the it's wooden floor where she re-enters the passageway through another portal there.

Blythe reunites with grandpa at his workshop, where he shows her Gail and explains his problem getting her back to life. Using the dog food, Gail eventually comes to life. Blythe and her grandpa take Gail along the passageway, regenerating itself in the process. Gail comments that Grandpa Baxter had never forgotten about Magic. They reunite with Zoe and find their way back to Littlest Pet Shop, where Scound finds them and goes after them. When Zoe and Gail go up the fire escape ladder, it begins to go up. Gail makes it, and Zoe gets across a in the supports. After the fire escape ladder goes up, Scound attempts to jump and grab as hard as he could. But he wasn't fast enough and he falls off, plunging into the ground below. He lands in a bed cushions, founded by the dogcatcher and is carried away.

Zoe, Gail, Grandpa Baxter and Blythe meet Roger Baxter and Digby. They went to the job chooser to make more reception, which is suddenly good, and the Littlest Pet Shop is saved. Digby, encouraged by his success in being able to help out, offers to take a job on Littlest Pet Shop with Roger Baxter, and Roger Baxter presents him with another job badge so that Digby can work with Roger Baxter even more. In the end, Zoe Trent is happily going home to Littlest Pet Shop to tell the her friends about her encounter with Gail.

Voice cast

  • Philip McGhee as Roger Baxter and the Narrator
  • Philip mcGhee as Grandpa Baxter
  • Jakyia McGhee as Blythe Baxter
  • Philip mcGhee as Digby
  • Philip McGhee as Jasper
  • Philip McGhee as Zoe Trent
  • Philip mcGhee as Minka
  • Philip McGhee as Russel, Scound and Whittany Biskit
  • Philip McGhee as Sunil and Brittany Biskit
  • Philip McGhee as Pepper
  • Philip McGhee as Vinnie
  • Jakyia McGhee as Gail Trent

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