• Gromit (from Wallace and Gromit) as JadedCinephile

The Sonic and Tim Burton Characters as Thomas and Friends Characters Cast:

  • Tails (from Sonic) as Thomas
  • Big (from Sonic) as Henry
  • Knuckles (from Sonic) as Gordon
  • Antoine (from Sonic) as James
  • Robotnik Jr. (from Sonic) as Percy
  • William Van Dort (from Corpse Bride) as Toby
  • Manic (from Sonic) as Bertie
  • Jet (from Sonic) as Harold
  • Oompa Loompas (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) as Troublesome Trucks
  • Cheese and Chocola (from Sonic) as Annie and Clarabel
  • Metal Sonic (from Sonic) as Diesel 10
  • Sleet and Dingo (from Sonic) as Splatter and Dodge
  • Lydia Deetz (from Beetlejuice) as Lady
  • Sonic (from Sonic) as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Sally (from Sonic) as Lady Hatt

The My Little Pony Characters as the Shining Time Station Cast:

  • Spike as Mr. Conductor
  • Rarity as Stacy Jones
  • Chief Thunderhooves as Billy TwoFeathers
  • Angel as Junior Conductor
  • Tank as Mutt
  • Doctor Whooves as Burnett Stone
  • Rainbow Dash as Lily
  • Scootaloo as Patch


Quote 1:

  • Gromit (voice over): How was the turtle traveling like that?!

Cuts to Gromit

  • Gromit: I know it seems like I'm just repeating every my new detail of the plot at this point, but, there's a reason for that; all of this pating has killed of 20 mintues of screen time without advancing the plot one single ioda. I mean, dress up, sneezing powder, kickball... not of single bit of actual plot. Watching this movie is like having your fingernails pull out slowly. It's torture.

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