Escape from Cluster Prime is a 60-minute television special based on the TV show My Life as a Teenage Robot and relished on August 12th, 2005


It first starts out when Jenny is fighting Queen Vexus and the people of Tremorton are celebrating the tricenntenial of the city's founding. After Jenny accidently destroys the towns only richter scale, the town confeses to hating her. When she is cleaning up the mess, Queen Vexus' teleporter sends her to Cluster Prime. She finds herself in a junk yard chased by robots before she gets taken to Cluster High School. Back on Earth, Dr. Wakeman, Tuck, Sheldon, and Brad are staring straight at a Cluster invasion.

While trying to escape the high school, Jenny then meets Vega and her friends who bear the looks of Tuck, Sheldon, and Brad. They then go around downtown. Jenny then sleeps the night on a park bench. Just as she jogs, a giant magnet lifts her off the ground and takes her back to the high school with Vega. In the halls, Vega and her friends tell Jenny about the trimillenial celebration. Then they go to "History 101", where Jenny learns that the Cluster hates her because of lies told by Vexus.

Back on Earth, Krakus is leading an invasion of bug-sized and shaped robots, though a little kid with a water gun squirts a robot with it and it is defeated. However, Smitus and Vexus take notice of this when Krackus informs them. Smitus keeps telling Vexus that he should sent out his army, but Vexus insists that they should wait for Jenny. Under a lot of frustration, Vexus then lets Smitus send out his army. It ends when Vega becomes queen of Cluster Prime and Jenny makes it back home.



Mrs. Wakeman: You've destroyed the rocket but did you disarm the war head? Jenny: Did I what the what? Mrs. Wakeman: It's the part that goes BOOM! Jenny: Oops...

Sheldon: (to Dr. Wakeman) A secret underground lair! This makes my garage workshop look like a workshop in a garage!

Mrs. Wakeman: Where did you get that idea? A gumball machine? Sheldon: I'll have you know gumball machines contain valuable information!

Mrs. Wakeman: You are an amateur! Sheldon: You are a Know-It-All! Mrs. Wakeman: Milbrat! Sheldon: Birdnose! Mrs. Wakeman: How dare you?!

Sheldon: WHAAAAA! If you don't know where she is and you don't know where she is, then Jenny can be anywhere from here and Cluster Prime! Vexus: Cluster Prime?! So THAT's why they won't stop calling me!

Jenny: Walk? Can't you just fly home? Vega: Right...and after I fly home, I'll just wave my magic wand and all my homework will be done. (laughs) (Jenny laughs nervously)

Brad: Viva la Revolution! Tuck: You speak Spanish?

(Brad and Tuck drop out of the sky) Jenny: Tuck! Brad! Tuck and Brad: Jenny! (Jenny and Brad hug while Tuck is in the middle) Sheldon: I didn't get a hug. (they let go of each other but their arms are on each other's shoulders) Jenny and Brad: I'm so glad to see you. Jenny: You crossed the galaxy just for me? Tuck: Actually we... (Brad puts his hand over Tuck's mouth) Brad: Yes, yes we did.

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