Hercules Tugboat (TUGS/Mickey Mouse Parody)

  • Hercules as Mickey Mouse
  • Lady as Minnie Mouse
  • Puffa as Donald Duck
  • Rebecca (from TTMA) as Daisy Duck
  • Grampus as Goofy
  • Johnny Cuba as Pete
  • The Goods Engine as Pluto
  • Bash as Chip
  • Dash as Dale
  • Barry (from T&F/TMS) as Willie the Giant
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Walt Disney

Silly Symphony (Thomas/Silly Symphony Parody)

The Three Little Engines (Thomas/The Three Little Pigs Parody)

Sonic and Barney (Thomas/The Tortoise and the Hare Parody)

Emily and the Seven Tugs (Thomas and Theodore Tugboat/Snow White Parody)

  • Emily as Snow White
  • Thomas as the Prince
  • Daisy as The Evil Queen
  • Boulder as The Magic Mirror
  • Gordon as The Huntsman
  • George as The Raven
  • Diesel as The Evil Witch
  • Theodore as Doc
  • George as Grumpy
  • Foduck as Happy
  • Digby as Sleepy
  • Truro as Bashful
  • Scally as Sneezy
  • Hank as Dopey
  • Arry and Bert as Vultures

Percy (Thomas/Pinocchio Parody Cast)

  • Percy as Pinocchio
  • Thomas as Jiminy Cricket
  • Edward as Gepetto
  • Diesel as Stromboli
  • Diesel 10 as Monstro
  • Emily as The Blue Fairy
  • Billy as Lampwick
  • Spencer as The Evil Coachman
  • James as Honest John
  • Henry as Gideon

Percy (Thomas/Dumbo Parody Cast)

  • Percy as Dumbo
  • Thomas as Timothy Q. Mouse
  • Toad as Jim Crow
  • Henry as Fat Crow
  • Toby as Crow with Glasses
  • Duck as Dandy Crow
  • Oliver as Crow with Straw Hat
  • Emily as Mrs. Jumbo
  • James as Casey Junior
  • Molly as Matriarch Elephant
  • Rosie as Prissy Elephant
  • Lady as Giddy Elephant
  • Daisy as Catty Elephant
  • Clowns as Themselves
  • Gordon as The Ringmaster
  • Pink Elephants as Themselves

Skarloey (Thomas/Bambi Parody Cast)

The Three Tugs (TUGS/The Three Caballeros Parody Cast)

Thomas in The Song of the South (Thomas/Song of the South Parody Cast)

  • Thoms as Brer Rabbit
  • Diesel as Brer Fox
  • Diesel 10 as Brer Bear
  • Toby as Uncle Remus

Fun and Fancy Free (Thomas/Fun and Fancy Free Parody Cast)

The Adventures of Edwar and Thomas (Thomas/The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad Parody Cast)

Lady (Thomas/Cinderella Parody Cast)

  • Lady as Cinderella

Lady in Wonderland (Thomas/Alice in Wonderland Parody Cast)

  • Lady as Alice

Thomas Pan (Thomas and TUG/Peter Pan Parody Cast)

  • Oliver as Peter Pan
  • Sigrid of Alesdale as Wendy
  • Wilbert as John
  • Hugh (from Sodor Railways) as Michael
  • Diesel as Captian Hook
  • Daniel (from Sodor Railways) as Mr. Smee
  • Troublesome Trucks as Pirates
  • The Green Trucks as The Lost Boys
  • Smudger as Tick Tock the Crocodile

Emily and Thomas (Thomas/Lady and the Tramp Parody Cast)

  • Emily as Lady
  • Thomas as Tramp

Sleeping Tug (Thomas and TUGS/Sleeping Beauty Parody Cast)

101 Engines (Thomas/101 Dalmatians Parody Cast)

Thomas and the Sword in the Stone (Thomas and TUGS/The Sword in the Stone Parody Cast)

  • Thomas as Wart

Emily Poppins (Thomas/Mary Poppins Parody Cast)

  • Emily as Mary Poppins

The Sodor Book (Thomas/The Jungle Book Parody Cast)

The Aristo-Engines (Thomas/The Aristocats Parody Cast)

Thomas Hood (Thomas/Robin Hood Parody Cast)

  • Thomas as Robin Hood

Winnie the Thomas (Thomas/Winnie the Pooh Parody Cast)

  • Thomas as Pooh

The Rescue Engines (Thomas/The Rescuers Parody Cast)

Tim and Peter (Thomas/The Fox & The Hound Parody Cast)

Thomas and the Black Cauldron (Thomas/The Black Cauldron Parody Cast)

  • Thomas as Taran

The Great Train Detective (Thomas/The Great Mouse Detective Parody Cast)

Ernest and Company (Thomas/Oliver and Company Parody Cast)

The Little Vintage Engine (Thomas/The Little Mermaid Parody Cast)

The Rescue Engines Downunder (Thomas/The Rescuers Downunder Parody Cast)

Aroura and Gordon (Thomas and TUGS/Beauty and the Beast Parody Cast)

  • Aroura as Belle
  • Gordon as Beast
  • Diesel 10 as Gaston
  • Toby as Maurice
  • Thomas as Lumiere
  • Percy as Cogsworth
  • Emily as Mrs. Potts
  • Skarloey as Chip
  • Duncan as Lefou
  • Rosie as Fifi
  • Lady as Human Fifi

Duck (Thomas and TUGS/Aladdin Parody Cast)

  • Duck as Aladdin
  • Oliver as Genie
  • Lady as Jasmine
  • Percy as Abu
  • Burke as Jafar
  • Thomas as Iago
  • Toad as Carpet
  • Edward as Rajah
  • Sir Topham Hatt as The Saultan

The Engine King (Thomas/The Lion King Parody Cast)

  • Gordon as Mufasa
  • Molly as Sarabi
  • Percy as Young Simba
  • Rosie as Young Nala
  • Thomas as Adult Simba
  • Emily as Adult Nala
  • James as Timon
  • Henry as Pumbaa
  • Edward as Zazu
  • Toby as Rafiki
  • Diesel as Scar
  • Daisy as Shenzi
  • Arry as Banzai
  • Bert as Ed
  • Caroline as Young Kiara
  • Lady as Adult Kiara
  • Bertie as Young Kovu
  • Stepney as Adult Kovu
  • Diesel 10 as Zira
  • Duck as Vitani
  • Oliver as Nuka
  • Isobella as Timon's Mother
  • Jack as Uncle Max

Emily (Thomas/Pocahontas Parody Cast)

  • Emily as Pocahontas
  • Thomas as John Smith
  • Gordon as Cheif Powhatan
  • Diesel 10 as Governor Ratcliffe
  • Duck as Kocoum
  • Arry as Lon
  • Bert as Ben
  • Percy as Thomas
  • Skarloey as Meeko
  • Rheneas as Percy
  • Lady as Flit

The Tank Engine of Notre Dame (Thomas/The Hunchback of Notre Dame Parody Cast)

  • Thomas as Quasimoto
  • Toby as Lavrene
  • Percy as Hugo
  • Gordon as Victor
  • Molly as Esmarelda
  • Edward as Captian Pheobus
  • Diesel as Frollo
  • James as Clopin
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Archdeacon

Thomas (Thomas and TUGS/Hercules Parody Cast)

  • Thomas as Hercules
  • Emily as Megara
  • Gordon as Zeus
  • Percy as Phil
  • Harold as Pegasus
  • Blair as Hades
  • Arry and Bert as Pain and Panic
  • Lady as Aphrodite
  • Oliver as Hephaestus

Lady (Thomas/Mulan Parody Cast)

  • Thomas as Mushu
  • Lady as Mulan
  • Gordon as Fa Zhou
  • Harvey as Yao
  • Duck as Shang
  • James as Ling
  • Bertie as Chein-Po
  • Diesel 10 as Shan Yu
  • Percy as Crick-ee
  • Edward as The Emperor

Thomas (Thomas/Tarzan Parody Cast)

  • Thomas as Tarzan
  • Percy as Terk
  • Edward as Tantor
  • Gordon as Kerchak
  • Molly as Kala
  • Skarloey as Young Tarzan
  • Diesel as Clayton
  • Toby as Professor Porter
  • Lady as Jane Porter

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