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Amber Whitmire

"Hey, she wants a Halloween party, she's gonna get a Halloween party."

―Amber, Casper.

Amber Whitmire (born 1982) is the daughter of a wealthy couple and one of the most popular girls at her school, Marshwood. She is a secondary antagonist in both the 1995 Casper feature film and its the animated spinoff The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper, acting as the main rival of Kat Harvey.

In 1995, Amber became jealous of the attention that Kat, who has newly moved into Whipstaff Manor, was garnering from their peers (in particular Vic DePhilippi, Amber's close friend and possible love interest). Amber reaches her breaking point when her classmates vote to have the upcoming Halloween at Whipstaff Manor as opposed to Amber's mansion, which has recently finished new boat house.

In the feature film she is portrayed by Jessica Wesson. Her animated counterpart is voiced by Debi Derryberry.


Amber Whitmire was born in 1982. Little is known about her history, although her conceited behavior implies that she is spoiled and undiscplined by her parents. Her almost hysterical laboring to maintain her social status seen both in the film and the animated series hints at a deepseated insecurity. She may also suffer from narcissm, a personality trait that has been shown to lead to aggressive behavior in the face of ego threats. This is reflected in by her constant need of admiration (of which she receives not only from her friend group, but from many other students who either idolize or fear her) and her harsh comments. Noticably, Amber only makes snarky remarks in front of her peers, simultaneously boistering her confidence and winning their acknowledgment. It is possible that these feelings are the result of parental abandonment, lack of self-esteem or even loneliness.

Her personal history with Vic is also unknown, although it is heavily implied that they had some form of close relationship prior to the events of the film.


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"Oh, you gotta see this! People are gonna freak."

―Amber's quote in Casper.

Amber is first shown when she is riding her bicycle to school with Vic in tow, angrily shouting at Kat to move out of her way. While at school, Kat and Vic introduce themselves by their lockers as Amber eavesdrops. She quickly interrupts the two and makes a passive-aggressive remark, annoyed at the attention Vic is giving the newest student in their class.

When Mr. Curtis announces that the Hallowen party will be post-poned for the next several months, Amber intervenes, eagerly suggesting that they have the party at her house instead. The response is less than unenthusiastic and Vic appears slightly uncomfortable, but Amber doesn't seem to be phased. When Kat is introduced by Mr. Curtis, Amber begins mocking her immediately, looking self-satifisied when the rest of her classmates begin to laugh and tease Kat along with her. Unbeknowst to Amber, Casper has been present the entire time, and has tied her shoelaces together in retialation for her harassment of Kat. When Kat reveals that she lives in Whipstaff Manor, the class unanimously vote to have the Halloween party there instead, having heard of its urban legend. Amber is furious and subsequently falls to the ground alongside her classmates when they stand up at the next bell. Later, Vic arrives at Whipstaff, requesting Kat to go to the dance with him. She agrees immediately, but it's soon revealed that the entire thing was a set-up from Amber. Vic is none too happy about his involvement with the ruse, but Amber brushes his worries aside, confident that her plan will be "absolutely perfect".

On Halloween night, Amber (who is adorning white make-up on her face in order to resemble a ghost) and Vic sneak in through the windows of Dr. Harvey's office, carrying a large burlap sack. Vic is still reluctant to carry out the sabotage, but Amber refuses to listen to him, explaining that Kat deserves to be humiliated for what she did to her. As the party begins, the two prepare to act out their prank. Amber notices her reflection in the mirror and grows excited, lifting to sack for Vic to see. They are entirely caught off-guard by The Ghostly Trio, who reveal themselves and chase the bullies away. Amber and Vic are hysterical, running wildly into the foyer (with Amber still sitting atop his shoulders) as the student body watches in bewilderment. In his panic, Vic accidentally runs Amber into a string of light decorations, dragging her along the floor as they flee the mansion. The other students applaud, convinced that Kat had intentionally stood up to the two bullies.

The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper

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Amber returns in the animated series, continuing her antagonistic behavior towards Kat. She is now shown to have three minions, the Jennifers (all voiced by Sherry Lynn), who willingly do whatever Amber tells them and agree with everything she says. Amber's snobbery and melodramatic attitude has been exaggerated to comical proportion, transforming her into a stereotypical valley girl. Like in the film, she comes across as very talkative, opinionated and argumentative.


Amber is stroppy and spiteful, long-accostumed to being handed whatever she wants and easily becoming offended if she does not receive it. She acts out in order to provoke a reaction from other people, whether it be positive or negative, and is extremely pleased when they take notice of her. She has control and influence over her peers, often manipulating them into conforming to her values and wishes. But what most do not understand about Amber is that her possessive behavior (most noticable in her interactions with Vic) stems from feelings of doubt and insecurity, and that most of her prententious attitude originates from a desire to feel better about herself. Appearance



Amber Whitmire in the film

Amber has fair skin, long blonde hair and green eyes. She is slightly taller than Kat and dresses in designer clothing. In The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper, her clothing choices are even preppier, as she is seen wearing a short skirt and knee high boots in each episode she was featured.


  • Is one of the the few characters from the movie that appears in the animated series, along with Kat, Dr. Harvey and Vic. Although she makes a brief appearence in The Whipstaff Inmates short alongside the Jennifers, Amber's first official appearence is not until Paranormal Press.
  • A line from Kat in the animated series suggests that Amber is not a natural blonde, although Amber neither confirms nor denies this.
  • In The Trick's a Treat, she states that Alicia Silverstone is her idol.
  • Casper appears to dislike Amber in both the film and television series, presumably due to her bullying of Kat.
  • Is shown to be very possessive of Vic in the film, heavily implying that she is either in a relationship with or has a crush on him. Vic's feelings towards Amber are unknown, although he appears to value her friendship and reluctantly goes along with her schemes.
  • Her age is estimated to be around thirteen years old.
  • In the animated series, she dismisses the idea of ghosts and goes out of her way to prove they do not actually exist. This completely contradicts the events of the film, in which Amber and Vic were driven out of Whipstaff Manor by the Ghostly Trio.
  • "Whitmire" is the English spelling of an ancient German-Swiss surname.
  • Like Kat, she is implied to be an only child. Unlike Kat, both of Amber's parents are said to be alive.
  • Owns a cellphone and is implied to have her own e-mail address (Trick's a Treat).
  • In the film, her locker is seen on the left side of Vic's. Her desk is also placed next to his in their classroom.
  • It has been suggested by fans that she may have been class president during the film.
  • Depicted with red hair in the comic book tie-in of the feature film.
  • The name Amber means a frozen tree resin, which reflects how Amber is frozen in narcissim. 
  • It is possible that Amber is considered quite boring by her peers, and is deluded into believing she is more popular than what she actually is.
  • Her role in the movie is somewhat similar to the bullies in the novel and film Carrie. This is evident in Amber's similar prank and her sidekick Vic. In both Carrie and in Casper the tables get turned. Ironically Kat mentions Stephen King in one scene.

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